Top 5 Dry Scalp Shampoos

A dry scalp results in an array of problems. It can be very itchy and result in an odor and dandruff. It also makes it difficult to style hair.

Some of its causes are:

– high levels of stress

– allergies

– a high intake of sugar, starch and fat

– lack of enough sleep

– and hormonal imbalance.

The good news is that a good shampoo will reduce the dryness, solving all of these problems

Here are the top 5 dry scalp shampoos:

  1. Moroccan Oil Treatment

This product transforms manes, resulting in a silky, brilliant and natural shine. It also conditions hair and scalp with no weight or buildup.

It has long-lasting effects, and you can rest assured of shiny, nourished and gorgeous hair.

The formula is instantly absorbed by the hair. It helps to restore over-processed hair, for instance hair that has been damaged by chemical procedures or other environmental factors.

You can use it to revive and detangle hair, hair extensions and wigs.

Since it contains a lot of silicone, it defrizzes and acts as a protectant against heat. You can spray it on hair prior to using a curling or even flat iron.

It also gets rid of tresses


– You use a very small amount300

– Never leaves the hair greasy

– Never weighs the hair down – very light

– Softens hair

– Makes the hair feel fuller and look healthier

– Great smell that lasts longer

– Keeps split ends away for a longer time

Instructions for use

– Use it after towel-drying your hair

– If your hair is damaged, just use a small amount, and concentrate on the most affected areas.

– Apply heat with a dryer to aid in absorption

  1. Giovanni Organic Cosmetics Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo

Giovanni is an all-natural dry scalp(treatment) shampoo.

It is a natural skin antiseptic and moisturizer.

It is ideal for use on any hair type.

It contains several essential oils that help in the maintenance of beautiful manes.

The rosemary helps in conditioning while peppermint provides a cool and refreshed feeling.

The eucalyptus is a clarifier for clean and beautiful hair.

Tea tree botanicals increases circulation in the scalp and removes flakiness or dryness easily.

It smoothens and conditions your locks making them clear.

It prevents breakage and frizzing and leaves the hair shiny.


– It is mild

– It cleans hair thoroughly

– You only need to use a small amount

– Leaves the scalp feeling cool and refreshed

– Softens hair

– It does not leave any residue

– Lathers up easily

– The peppermint masks the smell of tea tree oil making the smell invigorating

– It can double as a body wash

Directions for use

– Massage into wet hair and rinse

  1. Desert Essence Conditioner – coconut

This shampoo contains organic coconut oil which conditions dry hair and the scalp as well.

Organic shea butter helps to moisturize dry hair.

Organic sunflower oil leaves the hair feeling soft and silky. This makes it easier to comb or brush through

It does not weigh the hair down

It smoothens frizzies and restores the natural luster of your hair.

Makes the hair healthier

It prevents breakage71sNv1cH-vL._SL1500_


– Thoroughly cleans hair

– You only need to use a little amount on your hair

– A nice and light coconut scent

Directions for use

– Shampoo and apply conditioner to the ends of your wet hair

– Work up towards the scalp

– Distribute evenly and rinse thoroughly

  1. Beauty Without Cruelty Hair & Scalp Treatment Shampoo

This dry scalp shampoo is a plant-based formula which aims at purifying and promoting a healthy scalp.

It stimulates circulation and clarifies as well as refreshes the scalp.

It conditions and strengthens hair

Plant proteins work in combination with biotin and panthenol to restore body and shine.

They improve the look and feel of your hair, as well as its texture

It leaves the scalp clean, refreshed, and healthy

It helps reduce itching on the scalp

It leaves the hair soft, shiny and manageable

It gets rid of dandruff

It reduces flakiness

Its consistency is close to conventional shampoos, making it easier to make the switch.


– It is very gentle, thus can be used daily

– Does not leave a heavy after odor

– Lathers easily

– It leaves no residue

– It gives the hair body

– Doubles as a bubble bath

Directions for use

– Massage into wet hair

– Work to a rich and creamy lather

– Rinse clean with warm water

– Repeat if necessary

  1. Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo

Invanti, whose meaning is ‘invigorate and infuse strength’ lives up to its name.

This dry scalp shampoo removes sebum build up and residues of hair products which clog pores resulting in unhealthy hair

Some of the ingredients, milk thistle and millet seed help in nourishing dry and tight scalps.

Reduces flakiness.

Revitalizes and freshens hair.

Makes the hair feel fuller and thicker.

It strengthens and softens hair.

The turmeric and ginseng promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which allows the hair to grow.

One begins to see the results by week 6 or 8. By week 12, you will have optimal results. The scalp will be balanced by then.

Reduces hair loss.

Reduces breakage and itchiness on the scalp.


– You can see an improvement in a few days

– It has no side effects

– Fuller hair

– Great smell that lingers for hours

– You only need to use a little

– Gives the hair body

– Does not aggravate psoriasis


– The alcohol smell lingers a bit longer

Directions for use

– Spray and massage into your scalp twice daily. The ingredients are active for 12 hours


It is important to note that in order to get maximal results, you need to use the shampoos in combination with the conditioner, and sometimes the revitalizer.

This way, you reap the benefits of all the ingredients which complement each other.

It is crucial to ensure that you purchase original products. To do this, buy from the manufacturer’s site or other reliable online sites. If you can, get it from the manufacturer’s or supplier’s store or even reputable stores.


All in all, the top 5 dry scalp shampoos that we have discussed above are a great way to moisturize and exfoliate a dry scalp.

They are all natural, thus you are assured of ingredients that can only benefit your scalp and hair

They help in reducing dandruff and flakiness.

They reduce hair loss and thinning, as well as soften and revitalize hair.

The price may be a bit on the higher side, but it is indeed worth it.

Why keep spending money on products that don’t alleviate any problems?


Guttate Psoriasis Treatments: Paleo Diet and Vitamin D

Guttate psoriasis is the second most common category of psoriasis that is commonly triggered by bacterial (streptococcal) infections during childhood or early adulthood. Initiated by inherited genetic predispositions, all categories of psoriasis cannot be transmitted in any way and are thus not contagious. It is noted that within 2 or 3 weeks of a strep throat infection, the condition is triggered and lesions begin to erupt on one’s skin. This condition is particularly stressful for individuals who are strep carriers as these outbreaks tend to reoccur from time to time.

It is worth noting that those who suffer from plaque psoriasis may also experience an episode of guttate psoriasis, a situation which can become chronic very quickly. This is because for these specific individuals, any other infection apart from that caused by streptococcal bacteria, can trigger the onset of the condition.

Symptoms and Triggers of Guttate Psoriasis

As noted earlier, this type of psoriasis is commonly triggered by streptococcal infections. However, a few other infections and medicines can also trigger the condition. These include:


  • Tonsillitis
  • Upper Respiratory disease or infection
  • Stress
  • Skin injuries
  • Specific medication such as beta blockers and those that prevent or treat malaria

Symptoms of the disease present as scaly, small, separate, red spots on one’s skin. These lesions tend to appear on the limbs as well as the trunk of one’s body. At times, guttate psoriasis lesions form on a person’s face, scalp, and ears. Admittedly, this is one of the most embarrassing, off-putting, and uncomfortable characteristics of the condition. Therefore, it is the purpose of this article to offer two treatment solutions that eliminate and decreases the likelihood of future eruptions of guttate psoriasis lesions.

Treating Guttate Psoriasis with a Paleo Diet

It is a common assumption among those within the paleo community that the standard paleo diet effectively works to cure, or as a minimum, cause significant improvement in almost all health related problems. However, although most of the information regarding the positive impact of the paleo diet on one’s life is accurate, what most individuals fail to realize is that in regards to the treatment of guttate psoriasis, paleo may cause negative side effects that worsen the condition. It may also fail to resolve the skin disorder. While there are certain individuals who may effectively eradicate the skin disorder through this means, it is always important to keep in mind that the best way to avoid worsening the condition is through modifying the paleo diet.

How to Modify the Paleo Diet to treat Guttate Psoriasis

One important aspect of the paleo diet that is effective in maintaining healthy body systems is that it allows for the consumption of very little sugar, even that found within fruits in its natural form. Research into the diet indicates that consumed sugars only work to create favorable conditions for bacterial organisms within the body system. Although it is normal for the body to contain bacteria that are essential for specific body functions, an overgrowth leads to infection, which in turn aggravates the skin condition.

url Therefore, the first and most critical step in treating guttate psoriasis by switching to a paleo diet is informing oneself on the paleo auto-immunity protocol. In essence, this refers to the fact that in addition to the foods avoided while on a paleo diet, individuals wishing to get rid of this particular skin disorder should also avoid:

  • – Eggs (particularly the egg white)
  • – Seeds and Nuts
  • – Eggplant
  • – Tomatoes
  • – Peppers of all types

Another necessary paleo diet modification required in the treatment of guttate psoriasis is severely limiting one’s caffeine and alcoholic consumption. This is because both alcohol and caffeine work to limit the quality of sleep one gets. This can result in increased anxiety levels. Such circumstances ought to be avoided at all costs as they also elevate ones stress levels which worsens this particular category of psoriasis.

It is also suggested that one modify their paleo diet by adding collagen rich food such as stew hens and gelatine, organ meat such as heart meat, and bone broth into their diet at least two times a week. This is the recommended minimum, but individuals who can afford to consume these foods on a daily basis stand to gain additional benefits that work to treat guttate psoriasis. Fermented foods such as coconut milk kefir and raw sauerkraut should also be added to one’s diet. The key reason for adding these foods to the paleo diet is that they are effective in repairing the gut, which is the key area of the body in which infection-causing bacteria reside.

Treating Guttate Psoriasis with Vitamin D

Treatments that are based on Vitamin D work to eliminate guttate psoriasis because they increase the binding of cathelicidine, a peptide, to one’s DNA. This in turn deters the body’s usual inflammatory response that is the key trigger for most psoriasis conditions.

A recent study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that those who suffer from any category of psoriasis may also suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. This has created a very serious misconception among victims of the skin condition as they tend to try augment their Vitamin D levels by exposing themselves to the main natural source, that is, exposure to the sun. However, aggressive exposure may prove detrimental to those with guttate psoriasis as they inadvertently expose themselves to UV rays which increases one’s risk of acquiring a type of skin cancer known as melanoma.

Therefore, the safest method of augmenting ones Vitamin D levels to treat guttate psoriasis is through the consumption of Vitamin D supplements or Vitamin D topical creams. According to the Institute of Medicine, a low daily dose of 600 IU (international units) is recommended. This is because taking daily doses of Vitamin D supplements that are higher than the one endorsed can be toxic. Those who do not like to take supplements can opt to use the topical Vitamin D creams that are widely available in the market.

TIP: Individuals who suffer from guttate psoriasis should avoid commercial tanning as a means of attaining Vitamin D at all costs. It will only worsen the condition and increase the rate at which their skin ages. Rather, clinic exposure should be considered as they are controlled, thus, are much safer.